Monday, December 10, 2012

Royal Flush Magazine - Book Six

Royal Flush Magazine - Book Six Review

Exclusive cover story / interview with Playboy s Hugh Hefner, including a first-time-ever-printed 60-year-old autobiographical comic strip written and drawn by Hef. In homage, Royal Flush Book 6 features two foldout posters: centerfold by comics rock star Paul Pope and calendar by poster legend Brian Ewing. Plus, a Joan Jett flip cover with 3-D smoke eyes spot gloss varnish. Interviews with Joan Jett, Leslie Nielsen, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Brian Posehn, Jeffrey Ross, Jim Gaffigan, Ahmet Zappa, Jenna Jameson, Dethklok, Basil Gogos, Danny Trejo and more. Art and comics by Harvey Pekar, Rick Veitch, Peter Kuper, John Pound, Basil Gogos, Danny Hellman, Sean Pryor, Cojo, Aaron Augenblick, Scrojo, Robin Eley, Steve Chanks, Erik Rodriguez, Seldon Hunt, Ryan Dunlavey and many more. If print is dead, then ROYAL FLUSH Magazine a rock and roll superhero zombie come back to life. Part pop culture mag, part rock art carnival, part comic book, and all irreverent fun, the annual Royal Flush Magazine experience returns with a bombastically bulging 112-page sixth book. The centerpiece: exclusive interview with, and tribute to Playboy s Hugh Hefner, in which Hef opens up his vaults and reveals, for the first time, comic strips and art he created over 60 years ago. Among other tales, he tells Flush of his first discovering Superman, I remember the afternoon in which my brother came home and told me about this character that was throwing cars, and jumping over buildings and I immediately started creating and drawing superheroes like Metallic Man, Marble Man., etc. The vintage-Playboyish cover portrait of Hef was painted by Australian sensation Robin Eley, and in homage, this issue boasts two fold-out posters: a Plaything of the Month centerfold by comics rock star Paul Pope (Batman Year 100, Heavy Liquid) and calendar by rock poster kingpin Brian Ewing (Vans Warped Tour, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Melvins) The issue is dedicated to the Greatest Generation. Men who fought in wars, dated broads, enjoyed stiff drinks, and most amazingly are still rocking including Hef, monster movie poster-art legend Basil Logos, cartoonists Jules Feiffer and Al Jaffee, and actor Leslie Nielsen, who gives a career spanning interview, from straight man to Duke of Deadpan. Issue highlights: The Ethnic Superfriends: Apache Chief, Samurai, Black Vulcan, & El Dorado are inducted into Royal Flush Hall of Fame. Welcome to my Golf Course: Alice Cooper shares his tips, tricks and secrets from the dark side of the golf world. Star Wars quiz with adult film legend Jenna Jameson, proving you can be both hot and nerdy. World s Finest: An exclusive look into the little-known friendship between the Marvel Universe comics visionary Jack King Kirby and iconoclastic rock freaknik Frank Zappa, as told by Ahmet Zappa. Boasting a deliciously cosmic illustration of Frank Zappa as one of Jack Kirby s New Gods by Rick Veitch, Illustrated Mayhem: This issue s talented roster... K3N Adams, Angryblue, Aaron Augenblick, Josh Bernstein, Florian Bertmer, Bryan G. Brown, Chris Caniano, Steve Chanks, Cojo, Harlan P. Cress, Ryan Dunlavey, Robin Eley, Brent Engstrom, Brian Ewing, Jason Goad, Basil Gogos, Danny Hellman, Woodrow J. Hinton, Seldon Hunt, David Kennedy, Adam Kidder, Peter Kuper, Jeph LaChance, Jesse Lefkowitz, Sara Antoinette Martin, Brett Marting, Mark McCormick, Patrick McQuade, Jan Meininghaus, Jeff Newelt, Harvey Pekar, Jesse Philips, Paul Pope, John Pound, Frank Powers, Gary Pullin, Erik Rodriguez, Adam Roth, Steve Ruvolo, Rob Schwager, Scrojo, Pat Sentman, Brendan Small, Stainboy, Adam Swinbourne, Adam Turman, Sean Pryor and Rick Veitch! Read more...

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